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Aluminum AWP 

Tilting Aerial Work Platform

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Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Main Features:

1.Most rigid aluminum alloy profile
2.Auxiliary platform lowering
3.Multi-guide pulley on mast
4.Durable base system
5.Chassis with level gauge
6.AC power to the platform
7.Easily rolls through a narrow space
8.Emergency stop button
9.Over load protection
10.Dual activated up/down switch


Safety Precaution:

1.The operation voltage on the platform is 24V
2.Emergency stop button on the platform and ground
3.Telescopic legs on the chassis
4.Hose burst valve safety
5.Rain-proof design electric cabinet
6. Fence on the platform
7. Outrigger storage sockets
8. Small outrigger footprints

Major Parameters

Model                         GTWZ20            GTWZ26                GTWZ32               GTWZ40
Working height Max.        8.0m              10.0m                         12.0m                 14.0m
Platform height Max.        6.0m                8.0m                          10.0m                12.0m
Lift capacity                       160kg              160kg                        160kg               120kg
Basket Size ( E*F)            0.69*0.68m        0.69*0.68m               0.69*0.68m      0.69*0.68m
Width, stowed (D)              0.74m                0.74m                        0.74m              0.74m
Height, stowed (A)             1.97m                1.97m                         1.97m             2.76m
Height, tilted back (B)        1.98m                1.98m                          1.98m            1.98m
Length, stowed (C)              1.27m                1.36m                        1.42m             1.46m
Length, tilted back (J)           2.87m               2.87m                       2.87m              2.87m  
Outrigger footprint (I*K)   1.77*1.49m        1.77*1.49m               1.99*1.72m       2.27*1.98m
Wall access front/side(H/G) 0.18/0.45m   0.18/0.45m                 0.23/0.55m          0.42/0.65m
Power source AC/DC                                                     220V/110V/12V
Weights AC/DC                 335kg/375kg    355kg/395kg        365KG/405KG       480kg/520kg

Payment Terms︰T/T, L/C
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